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September 30, 2023

Solvemed at the Emergency Nurses Association Annual Conference 2023

Last week our Leadership was delighted to participate in ENA2023, one of the world’s largest Emergency Nursing conferences organised by the US Emergency Nurses Association.

With 4,000 participants, this educational event highlighted the most recent trends in emergency care, including the recent advances in AI-driven decision-making such as digital biomarkers and the use of digital technologies for improved information management in pre-hospital care and emergency departments.

For Hugo Chrost and Dr Michal Wlodarski, the conference represented a wonderful opportunity to engage with the direct benefactors of our Software as Medical Device (SaMD) products to exchange perspectives on AI-driven solutions for emergency care nursing professionals. It is worth mentioning that frequent pupil light reflex (PLR) examination is of paramount importance in emergency care settings. Assessment of pupil reactivity is one of essential tests conducted in those settings.

Crucially, the event offered a unique opportunity to connect directly with fellow innovators who help advance triaging, data management, and diagnostics in pre-hospital, emergency, and critical care settings including NeuroICU settings. Special thanks to Twiage, ICU Medical, and Mednition.

We look forward to the next edition!