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October 15, 2023

Solvemed attending CHEST 2023 Conference

Solvemed Leadership was honoured to get even closer to this amazing group of clinicians by attending this year's CHEST 2023, a premier gathering for critical care clinicians organized by the American College of Chest Physicians.

Drawing over 5,000 attendees, the conference illuminated the latest breakthroughs in critical care and sleep medicine, with a special spotlight on integrating AI capabilities into respiratory and cardiac care and enhancing data management in both hospital and pre-hospital care settings.

For us, attending CHEST provided a valuable occasion to interface with the primary users of our Software as Medical Device (SaMD) and digital biomarker solutions. It was an enriching experience to hear feedback and gain insights on how our AI-driven pupillometer devices are reshaping critical and emergency care paradigms. Performing brain health assessment and examining accurately and reliably pupil size and pupil reactivity can have great impact on the speed and course of treatment in many critical care patients.  

Anticipation is already building for the next CHEST conference, and Solvemed eagerly awaits the chance to further contribute to the evolution of critical and emergency care!